Santa Fe Wedding at La Posada


Ana and Alex came all the way from Brooklyn, New York to Santa Fe for their destination wedding at La Posada. Santa Fe is a magical place to get married. It’s full of character and history. La Posada means resting place and it is truly serene. La Posada de Santa Fe had it’s humble origin in 1882 when Abraham Staab building a home for his wife Julia here. Ana and Alex gathered with their friends and family in this beautiful location to celebrate their love. The weather however did not want to cooperate. I was right in the middle of group shots with the bridesmaids when it started to rain! They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Not such good luck if you’ve already had your makeup done by the Beauty Bar. It did however make for some of my favorite bridesmaid shots which you’ll find below.

Ana and Alex held their ceremony and reception out in the Gazebo Court Garden. It’s a gorgeous space that had a well manicured lawn and garden. It can hold up to 250 guests which was perfect! Their dance was held in the Montana Ballroom. The reception was so beautifully lit, it had me hatching a plan to steal Ana and Alex away during the dance for an epic newlyweds shot! Mission accomplished! Check out the last picture in this post! If want a modern but timeless aesthetic for your wedding photos and a photographer who LOVES stories and people let’s talk let’s talk.

The groom is putting his shirt on.
The groom is putting product in his hair.
The groom's brother is helping him fix his cufflinks.
The groom is tying his tie.
The groom can be seen in the reflection of a mirror tying his tie.
The groom and his groomsmen are tying their shoes.
The groom is fixing his cuffs after putting his suit jacket on.
The bride is having her hair done.
The bridesmaids are laughing and having fun as they get ready for the wedding.
The groom is hugging his sister.
The groomsmen are posing with their hands crossed.
The bride is putting her shoes on.
The bride is posing for a picture with her bridesmaids.
The bridesmaids are huddles under umbrellas and laughing as it starts to rain.
The bride and her bridesmaids are running back to their rooms, holding umbrellas above their heads as it starts to rain.
The bride is approaching the groom for their first look.
The bride and groom are having their first look. They're both smiling.
Santa Fe Destination Wedding Photographer
The bride is wiping tears from her eyes.
Santa Fe Wedding Photographer
Destination wedding at La Posada de Santa Fe in New Mexico.
New Mexico Wedding Photographer
Santa Fe Wedding photographer

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