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Yeribel and Greg came all the way from New York City to New Mexico for a Santa Fe elopement. People, this is the way to do it! Santa Fe is one of the most beautiful cities in the southwest! It’s full of history, luxury, and sunlight. These two decided to focus on what was important to them. They traded details for joy and stress for laughter. Greg and Yeribel were absolutely smitten with each other! It’s always fun photographing two people who are so in love with each other! Before their wedding ceremony we shot their couple’s session on the streets of Santa Fe. Cow skulls, cathedrals, and cowboy hats, they were up for all of it. It’s always sharing my home with visitors!

Before their ceremony Yeribel and Greg decided to do a first look. When Yeribel entered the courtyard they both became giddy and began to giggle. They kissed and began their ceremony as the Santa Fe sun began to set. It was a short ceremony but full of profound love and emotion. Greg’s older sister officiated the ceremony and his younger sister read a poem. After the ceremony, I took Greg and Yeribel to a nearby garden where we shot their newlywed’s session as the sun set over Santa Fe.

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Groom laughing with his sister as he puts his shirt on
Groom's sister helping him button his sleeves
Groom's sister helping bride adjust her hair
Groom's sister fixing bride's hair
Groom laughing with his bride and sister before their elopement in Santa Fe
Bride and groom toasting their destination wedding in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Bride smiling and looking at her groom as he stands behind her. They're holding hands.
Bride pulling groom's face close for a kiss
Close up of bride's lip stick
Wedding couple embracing and staring into each other's eyes
Wedding couple closing their eyes and standing close to each other
Wedding couple giggling
Bride and groom kissing as they sit next to a sculpture
Bride sitting on her groom's lap as they touch noses next to Saint Francis of Assisi Cathedral in Santa Fe
Bride sitting on groom's lap and smiling at him
Wedding couple touching noses and embracing
Wedding couple nuzzling
Wedding couple being coy next to Saint Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe
Bride and groom in Santa Fe alley next to cow skulls in Santa Fe
Bride and groom holding cow skulls in front of their heads in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Bride grabbing groom's shirt and pulling him close to kiss him
Santa Fe Elopement
Groom laughing with his sisters as they see him for the first time in his wedding suit.
Groom's sister helping him prepare for his elopement ceremony
Close up of groom's tie as he ties it
Groom's sister helping him with his tie
Groom's sister fixing his cufflinks
Close up of wedding rings in a mailbox in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Groom practicing his vows before his elopement ceremony in New Mexico
Groom waiting to see his bride for the first time
Bride entering her elopement ceremony area in Santa Fe
Bride laughing as she walks up behind her groom for their first look
Bride walking up behind her groom before their first look
Groom turning to see his bride for the first time
Santa Fe Elopement
Groom smiling and looking at his bride for the first time
Bride and groom laughing and embracing
Groom kissing his bride following their first look in Santa Fe
Officiant is speaking with the wedding couple
Elopement in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Wedding guest holding a poem and reciting it
View from behind the elopement ceremony
Wedding guest reading a poem
Wedding guest reciting a poem
Bride laughing and covering her mouth
Close up of groom's phone where he has his vows written
Officiant laughing during the wedding ceremony
Eloping couple laughing during their ceremony in Santa Fe
Groom being silly during the elopement ceremony
Bride smiling as her groom says his vows
Groom starring into his brides eyes during their elopement
Bride saying her vows as she stairs into her groom's eyes
Close up of bride and groom's hands holding each other
Wedding couple and guests laughing during their elopement ceremony in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Closeup of groom sliding wedding ring onto his bride's finger
Wedding couple laughing as he slides a ring onto her finger
Close up of bride sliding the ring on her groom's finger
Bride starring into her groom's eyes as she places the ring on his finger
Bride laughing as she places the ring on her groom's finger
Bride about to kiss her new husband
Newlyweds kissing at the end of their destination wedding in Santa Fe
Groom and bride lifting their hands in the air following their kiss
Destination wedding couple in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Bride smiling at her groom as she holds his hand
Newlywed couple laughing
Bride and groom kissing following their destination wedding in Santa Fe
Close up of brides white bouquet
Newlyweds holding hands and touching foreheads
Bride holding her bouquet in a garden
Bride and groom embracing
Newlywed couple holding hands and laughing
Newlywed couple in Santa Fe
Groom standing behind his bride and holding her
Groom holding his brides face in his hands
Newlyweds kissing in a garden in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Bride and groom holding hands and starring into each other's eyes
Newlyweds laughing and smiling after their destination Santa Fe wedding
Newly married couple laughing
Bride and groom playing a game
Groom and his sister laughing following their wedding in Santa Fe
Bride and her friends laughing
Close up of bride and grooms feet
Elopement couple and their friends getting ready to jump
Elopement couple and their friends leaping

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