Marci + Wes | La Posada De Santa Fe Wedding

Destination Wedding | La Posada De Santa Fe | New Mexico

Marci, Wes, and their cute little dog Bruiser traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico to be married in front of their closest friends and family. This was my first La Posada wedding. Theirs too. Haha! That was terrible. I’m going to leave it in though. I think it’s what Marci and Wes would want. I feel like we share a similar sense of humor. Wes wore socks for their ceremony that said “game over” on the sides! Look for them in the pics below. If you’re looking for a place to hold your wedding in Santa Fe, La Posada is the best. It’s just a gorgeous venue. There’s this timeless beauty and a plethora of light variations for your photographer to play with.

Before their wedding, I ran across East Palace Ave. and did a little exploring. There are some killer spots for couples portraits in and around La Posada! I’m sure everyone was wondering what I’d done with their bride and groom. It was so worth it though! We had to feature that dress too. It’s from BHLDN. People, if you’re going to look amazing and hire a professional photographer, let me steal you away for at least 15 minutes. It’s probably the only quiet time you’ll have to yourselves all day.

I’d also like to mention the piƱatas. I’ve never seen one at a wedding and now I think every wedding should have one! There’s just something about hitting a paper mache donkey with a stick and watching candy fall out that’s gratifying. They had a giant mustache too! Okay, I’m rambling. I hope you can feel the love in these photographs and that they inspire you to love.

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