Emily + Christian | Santa Fe Destination Wedding

I first met Emily and Christian in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They’d come out from Dallas, Texas to tie up some loose ends with wedding vendors and we ran around Santa Fe shooting their engagement session. It was a COLD, snowy day but by it’s end I could tell they were warm people and their love for each other was abundantly clear. It’s always a pleasure to capture real love. Fastfoward to April 2016 and rain and snow were falling from the sky as they prepared for their outdoor wedding. Minutes before they began, the clouds broke and sunshine came spilling down. A sign? I don’t know but it was a welcome change! We had warm weather for the whole cerimony then about 20 minutes after it ended the weather started this crazy cycle between warm sunshine and rain then snow flakes then back to warm again!  Every wedding I shoot causes me to reflect on my own. In one week Mandie and I will reach 10 years of marriage. 10 YEARS and 2 beautiful girls! I never imagined my life would be so beautiful! I’m a photographer through and through, I am an artist and I seek to create beauty, but at a wedding I become a story teller. I was there to tell the story of Emily and Christian to their children, and their grandchildren but perhaps most important, future Emily and Christian. As I was photographing Emily and Christian with the snowflakes literally melting from sunshine half way between the earth and the sky I began to think about how life has this ability to weather and fade your wedding day. Those feelings, that passion, the excitement, they can all fade with time. Why would a wedding photographer get so dark?!!! Because other than creating art (which is my driving passion), and fufilling my contract (my obligation), I’m creating a time machine. One day, in the future when you’re feeling fatigued, when you’re angry, or even hurt, when life has taken it’s toll on your marriage and you’re ready to throw in the towel, I want to take you back. I want you to smell that air, I want you to tie that tie, button that dress, hold the hands of your fiance, vow to love each other, cherish each other through even the worst storm. I want you to have a way back. This is what I hope my work does. Here is Emily and Christian’s time machine.

Wedding Vendors

A special thank you each and every one of these wonderful vendors. It was an absolute pleasure working with you! I can vouch for every one, quality. If you’re getting married in Santa Fe you need click on their links below!

Venue: Casa de Illume  Hair & Makeup: Genica Lee  Florist:  Bloomstream Flowers  Catering: Walter Burke Catering  Guitarist: Petra Babankova

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