Bryanna and Isaac’s Wedding at Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm

Bryanna and Isaac decided to have their Los Poblanos wedding in the fall of 2019. I’d like to speak briefly about this particular wedding venue because I want to lend some perspective. It is truly unique amongst New Mexico wedding venues. Yes, they have the most beautiful venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions. They have the lush historic gardens at the Hacienda and the grand portico at La Quinta with it’s stunning views of the mountains. These buildings are the brainchild of John Gaw Meem. Back in 1932 when modernism was all the rage, John was audaciously raising these beautiful structures. I and many other New Mexicans thank him for it! If you want your wedding pictures to have a timeless beauty that transcends fads and trends, Los Poblanos is your venue!

Bryanna and Isaac’s friends and family gathered in this venue to witness the beginning of something unique. At a time when it’s more fashionable to run away from marriage and commitment, Bryanna and Isaac had the audacity to run towards each other. Standing on these grounds they too did something that will last, something equally unique and beautiful. The evening ended with their friends and family in the Ventana Room with it’s views of the Sandia Mountains and each other.

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