Adam + Robbyn / Balloon Fiesta Park

Adam and Robbyn are the two love birds who snuck into the Albuquerque Rail Yards with me for their engagement session and even though we were kicked out, all in all it was a very pleasant experience. For future reference, if you want to do an engagement session in the Albuquerque Rail Yards I can’t guarantee that we can get in but I’m willing to try. So Adam and Robbyn were married here in Albuquerque, New Mexico at Balloon Fiesta Park. The thing I love about this park is the open space. Nothing gets between you and that big beautiful sky. There’s a lot of green too so if you’re looking for somewhere with a lot of grass (for New Mexico) you may want to check out this venue.

I’m going to break in here and explain this next picture. I don’t usually photograph documents unless it’s the bride and groom signing the marriage license but I had to include this. This hankie bonnet, card, and envelope were given to the groom’s mother before she left the hospital with her brand new baby boy. This was the first time I’d ever read this poem or seen anything like this! Absolutely beautiful and a little crushing to the father of a 2 year old girl!

If your eyes are dry after reading that you might want to get them checked. Ok, back to the fun!

So Adam and Robbyn were all set up for their rooftop wedding at Balloon Fiesta Park and then it rained and by rain I mean a torrential downpour. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Well Adam and Robbyn won the lottery! Everyone rushed for cover but the wind blew the rain in sideways and in less than 3 minutes it was like we had all been swimming, soaked from head to toe. Fortunately Robbyn hadn’t come outside yet. The whole wedding was forced indoors but it only made the day more memorable.

One of the benefits of rain in New Mexico is that the sky turns into a painting.

I love working with and getting to know people. One of the benefits of photography is the connection you make with people who are beautiful inside and out. It just clicked with Adam and Robbyn. I had to wring out my socks at the end of the day but it was worth it! Two pure hearts, one beautiful family!

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