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Albuquerque Engagement Photos | Mountain Engagement Session


Alex, Evan, and I headed up the Sandia Mountains for some good old fashioned Albuquerque engagement photos! I got to meet two of the cutest rottweilers! One had never seen snow before! They went berserk! We were doing their engagement session at Sandia Crest and those puppies were ready to jump so we had to stay away from the cliff for a while. Thank you to Alex’s father who came along to wrangle them. After we were done with the puppies, he took them home and we hiked out to the edge of the cliff for some gorgeous sunset engagement pics! It’s not often that you get snow in your engagement photos, especially here in Albuquerque but it was still winter up there. When you’re shooting portraits, it helps to have something like snow to reflect the light in all directions. And then, the sun started to set and the sky turned golden! This is why the Sandia Mountains are one of my favorite places to take couples for their engagement session. It’s a time commitment because of the drive and then there’s the hiking. It’s worth it though!

I like to ride with my couple and get to know them on the way up. It gives them an opportunity to get comfortable with me and my camera. I think that comfort level really shows in my photographs. I’m all about having fun with engagement and wedding photography. That’s how I help my couples get over the awkwardness of being in front of a camera, plus who wants to have a boring 2 hours with a somber photographer?! Once the sun began to set, the sky was filled with a beautiful golden, orange light, the exact reason we wait till the last 2 hours of the for engagement sessions! 90% of a beautiful photograph is light people! Light, people? You get what I’m trying to say! 🙂

If you want your own mountain top engagement session and you live here in Albuquerque, I’d love to meet you! Contact me by clicking here.

A couple is standing in the snow with their Rottweiler dogs for their engagement session in the Sandia mountains.A couple is kissing in the snow while their Rottweiler dogs sniff the snow.An engaged couple is touching cheeks in the sandia mountains.Two Rottweiler dogs are rolling and playing in the snow.An engaged couple is sprinkling snow over their dogs. The dogs are excited.A couple is walking down a trail between tall trees covered in snow for their engagement session in Albuquerque, New Mexico.A couple is standing with their Rottweilers in the snow for their engagement session.A couple is getting close and kissing as their Rottweiler dogs play in the snow.A couple is smiling and hugging their dogs as the woman kisses the man for their engagement session in the Sandia mountains.A dog licks the face of the woman in their Albuquerque engagement session in the snow.One of the dogs is charging toward the camera. An engaged couple is laughing and smiling as the man holds the woman's hands. They're surrounded by snow.The man is standing behind the woman and holding her. She is laughing. They are standing in the snow surrounded by pine trees.The man is holding the woman's face in his hands and kissing her on the lips.A couple is holding each other closely and laughing for their engagement session at the top of the Sandia mountains.The man is whispering in the woman's ear. They're both smiling and standing closely.The man is kissing his fiance on the forehead for their Albuquerque engagement photos.A man is kissing his fiance on the head as they stand at the edge of the Sandia mountains.A man is holding his fiance closely and looking into her eyes in the Sandia mountains.The man and woman are kissing. Albuquerque can be seen in the distance behind them.The couple is laughing following their kiss.A man and woman are holding hands and touching foreheads as they stand at the edge of the cliff for their Albuquerque engagement session.The man is standing behind the woman and kissing her as her wind blows in the wind.A couple does eskimo kisses as they stand at the edge of Sandia crest and the sun sets behind them for their Albuquerque engagement photos.

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December 21, 2018
what an incredibly talented photographer you are!
December 21, 2018
These pictures are just stunning!