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I carry the title of destination wedding photographer with pride! I usually play the role of New Mexico wedding photographer but sometimes they let me on a plane. 🙂 When I met Samantha and Phil they were both wrapping up their time as students at UNM. They were up for an adventure so together we climbed up in the Sandia Mountains where I shot their engagement session. They were so much fun and the results were amazing!  You can see their engagement session by clicking here. Engagement sessions are so important! They give us a chance to get to know each other and it gives you a chance to become comfortable around me and my cameras. Experience has taught me that my couple’s comfort makes the difference between good and great images. When you can be uninhibited with your photographer your wedding photographs will come to life.

Before I knew it I was on a plane headed for Charlottesville, Virginia. Samantha and Phil were married at The Space Downtown but before that, they had their first look at the University of Virginia. I love it when a bride and groom see each other for the first time and it’s just for them. There are so few moments during their wedding day that a bride and groom have to themselves. The wedding was epic! Their love for each other is obvious. Samantha and Phil, thank you for letting me into your lives and letting me play a small part in your story! All of my best to both of you. Go Lobos!

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I hope you enjoy the following images and that they inspire you and your love to adventure together. If you want me to be your destination wedding photographer or if you’re looking for a New Mexico wedding Photographer click here.

Tables for the wedding reception seen through a windowClose up view of reception table decorationsWide view of the wedding reception space. Paper lanterns are hanging from the ceilingView of the reception space from another angleChairs for the wedding ceremony viewed from aboveThe brides wedding dress hanging from a door in the room where the bride is getting readyThe bride having her makeup done seen from a distanceEye shadow being applied to the bride. Her eyes are closed.Mother of the bride looking at her daughter and smilingHair stylist working on the brides hair.A different angle of the hair stylist working on the brides hairA bridesmaid using her iPhone as a mirror as she applies her lipstickThe brides dress hung from a tree branch agains a white brick wallThe bride is peeking out from behind an open door as she prepares to show everyone her wedding gown.The brides mother is photographing her in her wedding gown.The bride is elegantly looking over her right shoulder.Close view of a smartphone screen with the brides image on it.The bride is walking toward the camera and smiling as her bridesmaids hold her dress.A view from behind the bride as her bridesmaids hold her dressBride and groom preparing for their first look at Virginia state universityThe bride and groom are holding hands. The groom is facing away from the bride. They are in a green garden at the University of Virginia.The groom is seeing his bride for the first time.The bride and groom are kissing. This photograph was taken by a destination wedding photographer.The groomsmen are being silly. One is sitting on top of another.Wedding party group shot at Virginia state universityThe bride is walking down steps with a smile on her face. The whole wedding party is behind her.The bride and groom are kissing below a balcony where their wedding party is standing and looking at them.The bride and groom are holding hands and facing the camera. The wedding party is above them on a balcony. They are leaping in the air.The bride and groom are laughing. They are standing in front of a brick building at the University of Virginia.Bridal party in front of a two story brick building at Virginia state universityThe groom appears to be punching the ground. His groomsmen are jumping in the air.The groom is standing behind the bride and holding her. She is laughing as he kisses her cheek.The bride and groom are holding each other close as they stand in a doorway.The bride and groom are holding hands and laughing.The bride is standing outside smiling as she waits to be escorted into her wedding.The wedding guests are sitting in their seats waiting for the ceremony to start at The Space Downtown.The father of the bride is escorting his daughter down the aisle.The bride is kissing her father.Wide view of the wedding party during the ceremony.The bride and groom are laughing during the ceremony.The bride is placing the ring on the grooms finger and staring into his eyes.The groom is wiping a tear from the brides eye.The groom is placing a ring on the bride's finger.The bride and groom are holding hands.The bride and groom are kissing and holding each other close.The newlyweds are turning to facing their guests.A wedding guest is smiling and carrying champaign glasses to the bride and groom.The bride and groom are toasting their guests.The newlyweds are walking down the aisle greeting their guests.The bridesmaids are assisting the bride with her dress.close view of the bridesmaids hitching the brides dress up for the dancewide view of the reception as the guests mingleGrand mothers of the bride and groom sitting next to each otherThe bride is laughing with her guests.Bride, groom, and wedding guests acting silly for a pictureClose view of a smartphone with the image of two groomsmen and a friend on it.Close view of the wedding cake toppers.The bride and groom are sitting at their table and laughing with friends.The guests are seated and eating.Another view of the guests sitting and eating.The bride and groom laughing and talking with their friends.A view of the wedding cake at The Space Downtown in Charlottesville, VirginiaThe bride and groom are being silly and smiling in front of their wedding cake.A view from behind the bride and groom looking at their wedding guests.The bride is sampling the frosting from her wedding cake.The bride and groom are cutting their wedding cake.The groom is feeding wedding cake to his bride.The bride is feeding wedding cake to her groom.The bride and groom are blurred in the background. The wedding cake toppers are in focus in the foreground.The bride is wearing an Egyptian pharaoh costume for a Photo Booth picture.The bride is in the Photo Booth smiling for the camera.A night time view of The Space Downtown from across the street.View through the windows at night during the wedding reception.The bride and groom are dancing their first dance. She is holding his face in her hands.The bride and groom are dancing. Their guests are seen in the background.The bride is leaning her forehead agains the grooms chest as they dance.A close view of the computer playing the music for the wedding reception. There is a sticker of Scotty from Star Trek and the quote "I'm giving her all she's got".Wedding guests getting down to the music.Guest hugging the bride.Wedding guests being wacky and having fun as they dance.Wedding guests dancing and laughing.The bride and groom dancing amongst their guests.Bride, groom, and wedding guests with their arms linked, swaying and singing.Bride, groom, and their guests leaning on each other and swaying as they sing.The bride is kissing her groom in the entry way as they prepare to exit.The bride and groom are waiving good bye as they leave their reception.

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