Sandia Mountains Wedding

I haven’t blogged a wedding in a little while. Let’s be honest. It’s been over a year! I’ve been so busy! I haven’t looked at these images since I edited them and I can’t stop smiling. The Sandia Mountains are an amazing backdrop for a wedding and Elena Gallegos picnic area is perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony! This Sandia Mountains wedding was beautiful and I don’t mean my photography or the mountains. I mean the love between Mikalah and Seth is evident, undeniable, and beautiful! I see a love that will weather eternal.

Every wedding that I photograph echoes and reflects the love that I have for my own love, Mandie. She’s sitting next to me at Starbucks. We’re both working on internet stuff. She probably doesn’t know it but I keep peeking over at her. I’m so grateful for her. She’s been the love and grace in my life. She’s given me two beautiful girls and I wish I could put into words how I feel. Mikalah and Seth, I wish you all the best in your journey together. May your years be many and may your love only multiply. This is Mikalah and Seth’s wedding at the base of the Sandia Mountains.

If you’re interested in booking Elena Gallegos Picnic area for your wedding click here for details. If you want me to photograph your own Sandia Mountains wedding or even if you have your eye on another wedding venue, you can reach me by clicking here. Also, stick around until the end. We stuck around for sunset. The light was amazing! Every bride and groom should get to do a sunset session. I’m telling you, if you haven’t considered it, you should. You’re only going to wear that wedding dress once and how often do you have a professional photographer following you around?

A bride standing behind her groom before he sees her fir the first time A groom reaching for his bride's hand with his eyes closed before he sees her for the first time A groom seeing his bride for the first time A groom hugging his bride A groom kissing his bride on her forehead. The Sandia mountains are in the background. The wedding arch is in the foreground and the blue sky and sandia mountains are in the background A wide view of the wedding ceremony location A wide view of this sandia mountains wedding Close up view of the seating for the ceremony The bride smiling at her father Rear view of the bride standing next to her father before the wedding ceremony Father of the bride escorting her down the aisle. The Sandia Mountains are seen in the background. The bride is hugging her father in front of the wedding arch.The bride and groom are facing each other and smiling under the wedding arch.Wide view of the wedding party during the ceremony. Albuquerque can be seen in the background.A wide view of the guests during the ceremonyThe groom is washing the brides feet. The mountains can be seen in the background.The groom is pouring water over the brides foot.The bride and groom are holding each other close and smiling.The bride and groom are kissing.The newly married couple is turning to exit their wedding ceremony. They are smiling.The bride and groom are smiling and holding hands as they exit their wedding ceremony.The newlyweds are walking down the road past a blue truck. They are laughing.The new husband and wife are walking to their reception following their wedding. The Sandia mountains are seen in the background.The new husband and wife are kissing and walking down the road.A wide view of the outdoor reception area at Elena Gallegos ParkA table runner with the bride and grooms names printed on itA table runner with green leaves and candles running down the centerA close view of purple cupcakes with white frosting at the wedding reception at Elena Gallegos ParkA top town view of the wedding cake. It's off white with purple and white flowers topping it.Three little girls playing and laughing at the receptionA wide view of the wedding reception. The guests are mingling.The bride and groom are smiling for a selfie with a friend.A short dog with brown and white hair is peaking out from under one of the tables at the wedding reception.The bride and groom are cutting their wedding cake.The bride and groom are feeding each other a piece of cake and smiling.The bride and groom are embracing and kissing.A top down view of what's left of the wedding cake after being eaten.The groom is touching the brides arm lovingly.Three little girls and 1 little boy playing between tables at the receptionThe mother of the bride is crying as she reads her toast.The bride is wiping a tear from her eye and leaning on her groom.The bride and grooms feet seen under the tableThe groom has is arm around the brides shoulder.The bride and groom are facing each other as the sun sets.The groom is kissing the bride on the forehead and holding her close.The groom is whispering into his brides ear. She is smiling.The groom is kissing the bride on the side of her forehead.The groom is standing behind the bride. They are holding hands.The bride and groom are laughing.The bride is laughing hysterically as the groom hold her and smiles.The bride and groom are playing and laughing.The groom is glancing at his bride and smiling. She is smiling too.The bride and groom are holding each other close and kissing.The newlyweds are leaning on each other and smiling.The groom is holding the brides hand as they walk at Elena Gallegos ParkThe bride and groom are facing each other, leaning on one another and laughing.The bride and groom are laughing. The brides hands are on the grooms chest.The bride is on the grooms back. Her arms are around his shoulders and she is kissing his neck.The groom is standing behind the bride. His arms are around her.The bride and grooms arms are entangled.The groom is kissing the bride.The groom is holding the bride and she is leaning on him.The bride is holding the grooms arm and standing close to him.The bride and groom are standing at arms length, holding hands and twirling.The bride is kissing the groom on the cheek. Her dress is blowing in the wind.








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Megan Hantzmon
March 14, 2018
Hello! I saw your amazing photos of the SANDIA MOUNTAINS WEDDING ! Aboslutly in love! was wondering how much it cost and if you are avaliable for the 26 of May for a ceremony (of this year). Very interested!
    Gabe Segura
    March 14, 2018
    Awe, Thanks Megan. :-) The Sandia Mountains are one of my favorite locations to photograph engagement sessions and weddings. I am available May 26th and I'd love to photograph your wedding! I'm going to email you. If it doesn't show up just check your spam folder. It'll be coming from