Samantha + Phil / Sandia Mountains, New Mexico

It was WINDY! Samantha, Phil, and I headed up into the Sandia Mountains to shoot their engagement session and not only did it get cold but the wind was just everywhere. Do you know why they call for wind in fashion shoots? Because it’s AMAZING! It doesn’t usually get very dark or dramatic here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but it adds a whole new set of elements for me to work with when I’m developing images and I had a lot of fun with this one! Samantha and Phil really knocked it out of the park too! They were up for anything and I could tell they had a very real connection. I can only direct so much, the rest is the chemistry my couples have and Samantha and Phil had loads of chemistry! They just BROUGHT IT, 110%! Samantha’s shoes came off almost immediately and she was walking that mountain like a pioneer! Unpredictablility is a constant in life and marriage is no exception but a good marriage takes stormy weather and makes it beautiful. Enjoy!

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