Gabe Segura

Albuquerque Wedding Photographer

Hello there! I’m Gabe, Albuquerque Wedding Photographer. I have over 10 years of experience behind the camera. I’m drawn to real, raw, unplanned emotion. I want to tell the story of your wedding day for you, your children, your grandchildren, and even your great grandchildren! I want you to look at your wedding photos 60 years from now and feel exactly what you felt the moment those photos were snapped. Weather it’s the New Mexico sunshine cascading down on the two of you or rain annointing your mairrage, kissing the air with it’s sweet smell in the desert atmosphere. There is beauty in every condition as long as you are together. That is what I am here to tell.

The bride and groom are standing close and staring at each other. The sun is setting behind them.My style is artistic and undefined. I don’t hold to any one photographic philosophy like “documentary” or “candid”. How I photograph a wedding depends on what the moment demands. I must be dynamic because your love is dynamic!  I mainly photograph weddings in Albuquerque and Santa Fe at wedding venues like Balloon Fiesta Park, and Saint Francis Cathedral although I’ve shot as far away as Charlottesville, Virginia and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Welcome to my website! Have a look around and please feel free to use anything you see here as inspiration for your own wedding. If you have any questions regarding wedding photography or just weddings in general, I’ve been to quite a few! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me.